Foreign Hands Infect Egypt’s Cows

Foreign Hands Infect Egypt's Cows

The Cow calls outHa Ha

After coming into contact with FAO agents, a shadowy international organisation counting the USA and Israel as members, it has emerged that over 40,000 proud Egyptian cows have been infected with a deadly Western disease.

The foreign hands brought the British foot-and-mouth disease from Libya to Egypt by smuggling infected foreign cows through secret tunnels, according to Minister of Agriculture Mohammed Rida Ismail. It is likely the sick English cows were air-dropped into Libya during NATO’s bombing campaign last year.

Dark forces are at work destabilising Egypt by striking at its domestic food production capabilities. These agents have the blood of over 4.5 thousand Egyptian cows on their foreign hands.


About Lawrence of Arabia

I am a foreign hand. I meddle in Egypt's internal affairs.
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One Response to Foreign Hands Infect Egypt’s Cows

  1. “Despite the lack of controls within Egypt, officials argue that the disease has been imported from abroad.

    A spokesman for the veterinary authority affiliated to the agriculture ministry said the problem might have arrived in Egypt from animals smuggled across the borders from Libya or Israel.”

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